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タイトル: Cultural Sensitivity in English Language Teaching Materials
著者: MEHMET, Sean Collin
Issue Date: 2-Apr-2008
出版者: 信州大学人文社会科学研究会
引用: 信州大学人文社会科学研究 2: 136-149(2008)
抄録: This expository paper will begin by uncovering and examining some lesser known, Western journal articles, ones that deal specifically with the issue of cultural sensitivity in language classrooms. This opening discussion will attempt to reveal that cultural sensitivity in teaching materials is by no means an issue limited solely to the Western world. After this, the discussion will focus on Edward Said's widely-known Culture and Imperialism. Said's monograph will be used as a springboard to examine the larger issue of colonialism, and imperialism, in classrooms. Lastly, the extended conclusion will reiterate, as well as expand upon, the practical implications of the initial analysis for the benefit of Japan-based foreign language educators. Accordingly, the final paragraphs of this paper will examine one of the most widely used intercultural simulations,Bafa Bafa.
ISSN: 1881-7858
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